Merger & Acquisition

Growing through inorganic route is an important part of the strategy of foreign investors. Identifying the right target therefore becomes critical to make the acquisition a success. We help in scouting for deals which provide potential synergies and are a ‘right fit’.

We are specialized in providing end to end merger & acquisition services. We provide complete hand holding during the entire process of merger and acquisition process. We are well equipped and have highly qualified consultants from top technical and management qualifications from top institutes and universities having an average experience of over 20 years in industry, proven credentials. We are particularly focused on small and medium enterprises and provide them world class services and global expertise at a fraction of cost compares to other management consultancies firms. WE are here to help MSME, SME and medium to large enterprises find right global partners, growth opportunities, diversification options, funds and good business opportunities

We help our clients in the following ways in any M&A deal

Target /Buyer Search

We achieve this through our extensive network and relationships in the market.

Deal Advisory

We assist in both Buy Side and Sell Side

Valuation Support

We do various kinds of valuation applying various methodologies for our client

Due Diligence

We provide Financial, Legal, Tax and Investigative Due Diligence

Implementation and Closing Support

We provide end to end solution in M&A and therefore assist in closing and executing the deal as well.